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She, discovered.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

I have been seeing Mistress Scarlet for approximately a year and a half. At time of writing, I've spent about 10 hours in session, and an additional 10 hours in out-of-session interactions. I first came to Mistress Scarlet as a man who wanted to have the opportunity to release some tension and indulge in some of the kinks I'd been unable to otherwise. I had no clue what to expect when I first sent her a message. I had never seen a professional domme before. I figured if I was lucky, I'd be able to find someone who could beat me up and verbally tear into me. With Mistress Scarlet, I found more support in more ways than I could have possibly imagined. It was clear to her long before it was clear to me that I was not a man looking to burn some submissive energy.

After only two sessions, she figured out I was instead a woman looking to be built up.

Since then, I eventually clued in, and Mistress Scarlet has been nothing short of an invaluable ally in my journey. She has been extremely helpful as I completely rediscover my sexuality, my identity, how to interact with my body. At every point, I received a level of personal guidance, care, and support I never expected to receive, and sessions only became more intense as we both learned more about what I'm looking for. I only ever felt more respected and cared about after every session. This personal touch, along with her immense amount of skills and understanding, has allowed me to feel safe in letting my guard down and just submitting to her.

Physically, I feel safe because of how quickly and professionally she can respond to any emergent situation in a scene, sometimes even realizing there is a problem to address before I do.

Mentally, the amount of care and respect she has shown me lets me sink into the moment and just lose myself in the feelings. I cannot recommend Mistress Scarlet's services enough to anyone looking for an experience unlike any other, and to anyone looking to discover more about themselves than they ever thought they would know.



M is one of my favorite humans. I'm always excited to get the opportunity to work with her.

About M: 29, Trans-femme, therian, polyamorous, switch, cybersecurity professional, gamer, LARPer. Somewhat new to the Seattle area. Decent amount of kink experience, but horizons have been expanding rapidly thanks to transitioning.

You can find her FL profile here:

M has volunteered to provide references to those who wish to know more. Contact info available upon request.

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