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First Time

Well, I stumbled upon Mistress when searching for a Domme. I eagerly read Her website and checked out Her other socials to learn as much as I could. Once I felt confident I filled out the form on Her website and responded to the 3 prompts She’s asked for during the first message. She quickly got back me to me and we had a session booked for about a week out.

The anticipation was fun, I had a whole week to delightfully ponder about what the experience would be like. Finally, the day came! I took a shower and got myself mentally prepared. I drove to where the instructions suggested I park. I also recommended doing some google maps research of the area so you kinda have a good visual for where you are going. Again, the instructions were clear and I walked from the parking area, towards the first door. Once in the first door. I ascended another staircase where I was met with another door and a doorbell. I rang the door *beep* and my heart was racing with anticipation. I was greeted by Mistress where She took my hand and walked me to a couch and told me to sit. We sat for a while and talked, discussing safety, any concerns I had, or any thing else we both wanted to talk about. Once I was comfortable enough the real fun began. It was exhilarating. The whole time was just pure bliss. I’m honestly not sure how to describe it. She took control and I followed along with what I was told.

Eventually, I did reach my limit and had to use one of the safe words. Immediately, we stopped, She made sure I was ok and comforted me. It’s very evident She cares about your safety as well as Hers. Once I felt comfortable again we resumed for the remainder of our time together.

I absolutely recommend doing this if it’s something you are on the fence about. I had been think about doing it for a while now and finally decided this was something I wanted to try. I couldn’t have picked a better person to try it for the first time with.


William is a delight to play with during and between sessions. Respectful, attentive and eager. Enjoy!

If his story interests you and you want to know more, William has agreed to make his contact information available upon request. Or, you can see see his profile on FL.

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