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01 Worship Me

Come sit here with Me.  It looks like you have something you need to tell someone.  It’s okay.  Trust Me.  See, I’m like you in a way.  I understand desires.  And desires live down roads that are dangerous to walk alone.  I’ll guide you.  I’ll keep you safe, and I won’t leave your side.

My name is Scarlet Ivy.  I am a Pro Domme in the Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon areas. I'm into all manner of nasty, but My true talent lies in creating space for the kinks inside of you, be they sweet and tender or absolutely wicked.

I am a dominant woman. I have always been this way.   People who crave the feel of leash and lash find Me.  I am beautiful, insatiably curious about you, and cruel.  I am an invitation to a forbidden life. You have seen Me and wondered.


When you are ready to explore and open My door, send me a message. 


I am a healer. This means I bind you when you bleed and hold you when you hurt. My experience is in psychological trauma.


I am an educator. This means I guide and protect you when we walk in dark places. That’s part of why you pay Me.  Pitiful, the things we are taught about sex. Our bodies are beautiful, powerful, amazing.


I am a sadist. This means I feel pleasure inflicting pain on the willing. My ideal partner is a strong, emotionally intelligent submissive that allows me to do as I wish.  I crave worship and adoration. You will dream of Me when I am absent. You will drown in Me when I am near.


"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi


02 Admire Me


03 Spoil Me

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04 Serve Me

If I’ve already worked with you, you may contact Me directly:
I look forward to seeing you again soon.


~ Otherwise, follow My instructions carefully. ~

Call Me Mistress Scarlet.

This is My world. I am in control. Demonstrate your submission. My favorite gestures are cleanliness, reliability and direct communication.

Only those who understand are permitted to consent.

Prepare yourself. Read about Me. Think about Me. Decide what you will ask of Me. A few of My favorite things are listed here on FetLife.


You have manners. Use them.


Send Me an introduction using the form below. Be respectful and direct.

Do not waste My time. In your message, be sure to include the following:

  • Experience (beginner, advanced, etc.)

  • Reference (either a past providers information or link to your social media).

  • A short and specific description of what you want to experience in My care.


Show Me your truth and I will love you.

Be honest and open with Me. I will show you acceptance beyond imagination.

You pay. You receive My attention.

This is a paid relationship. The experiences are real. The monetary cost is the easy part.

Session prices are hourly. Additional services, negotiated as needed.

Exploring When learning to trust $300

Established Once We/we know our limits $400

Elaborate Shadows grow deep $500             


Submit to Me

Good.  Very good.  Now...  Tell Me everything!

Thanks for submitting!

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